About me


Skype: huyphams
Email: [email protected]
Blog: http://huypham.me
Code: http://github.com/huyphams
Education: HCM University Of Technology (Computer Science)


[2016]Consultant at Feels Fashion LTD

Feels fashion LTD, is a technology company at London, England. At Feels we build solution for our customers based on computer vision. Our products: website, and mobile native app: iOS and Android.

  • Design infrastructure.
  • Stack: Linux, Golang, RoR, Nodejs, ElasticSearch, Redis, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Deepdetect.

[2015 - 2016]CTO at Lozi

Lozi Singapore is a technology company (raised a million USD in series A). Our products: website, and mobile native app include: iOS, Android.

  • Design infrastructure.
  • Stack: Linux, Golang, Nodejs, ElasticSearch, Redis, Postgres, RabbitMQ.

[2013 - 2014]Engineer at Zigexn Ventura Vietnam

Zigexn is a internet company base in Japan, they build products for their business. I play many roles at Zigexn Ventura (development team base in Vietnam). I using RoR to build website, crawler, and sysadmin. Products: Job Zigexn, Car market and many crawler.

  • Fullstack developer.
  • Stack: Linux, RoR, MongoDB, Apache Solr.


  • As a full stack developer, I can adopt new technologies, programming languages, frameworks very quickly and have knowledge about programming paradigms, programing principles, data structures and algorithms.
  • Experience in linux, optimizing, deploying, scaling and evolving distributed systems.
  • Manage team, lead and inspire people.


  • Admin of iOS developer vn group.
  • Teacher assistant at Grokking data course.
  • Executor at Grokking engineering: http://grokking.org
  • Tech talks: Grokking engineer and Atlassian, topic: Flux in iOS.iOS developer group: Best practice and design pattern in iOS, model in iOS.
  • In finalist in Singapore hardware Hackathon.
  • Win prizes in hackathon Vietnam.


I gave away my old skin to hold you, as a new me. Love you, Cà Rốt Sữa

Saigon, [email protected]